Akraino Edge Stack, a Linux Foundation project in formation, will create an open source software stack to improve the state of edge cloud infrastructure for carrier, provider, and IoT networks. To seed the new project, AT&T and Intel Corporation are contributing code. The AT&T contribution is designed for carrier-scale edge computing applications running in virtual machines and containers to support reliability and performance requirements. Intel has committed to open source major components of its Wind River® Titanium Cloud portfolio of technologies and the Intel® Network Edge Virtualization Software Development Kit (Intel® NEV SDK). Akraino Edge Stack will offer users new levels of flexibility to scale edge cloud services quickly, to maximize the applications or subscribers supported on each server, and to help ensure the reliability of systems that must be up at all times.

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*This link will take you to the Akraino Gerrit repository, which currently hosts seed code contributed by Intel.
A merged Akraino community release will be available here in the future.

This project will bring the extensive work AT&T and Intel have already done to create edge technology that is hardened to address critical infrastructure requirements. These include the high availability, fault management, and performance management needed for continuous 24/7 operation, as well as the low latency, high performance, scalability, and security needed for edge and IoT workloads. We're pleased to welcome it to The Linux Foundation and invite the participation of others as we work together to form Akraino Edge Stack.

Jim Zemlin Executive Director, The Linux Foundation

The Akraino Edge Stack community, now forming, anticipates releasing project code in the second quarter of 2018. Let us know if your organization would like to learn more about joining the new project. Organizations supporting Akraino Edge Stack Include:

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